Ashleigh Ament

Communication Designer 

Hello! Welcome.  


My name is Ashleigh Ament. I am a Communication Design graduate majoring in Graphic Design at Billy Blue College of Design. 

From the ripe age of about 2, when I picked up my first colouring pencils and drew a beautiful self-portrait on my mothers' ivory walls - I knew I was destined to be a creative. In the years that followed, I experimented with many new household mediums in an effort to express my creativity; make-up, kitchen condiments - anything pigmented with colour much to my parents delight. 

I have since progressed to using more appropriate and cooperative methods to illustrate my work. I began studying at the School of Creative Arts at James Cook University in 2015, after spending a few years working and travelling around my home country, Australia. In 2017, I relocated to Brisbane to further my skillset and continue my creative journey. 


Over the course of my studies I have developed a passion for Graphic Design with a broad scope of interest and expertise including: 

  •  Illustration

  • Layout and editorial

  • Brand creation and packaging

  • Interactive media

  • Print media

  • Street art 

When I'm not designing, you can find me playing competitive netball, caring for my plant babies, painting terracotta pots, listening to live music, jamming out on the ukulele, immersing myself in a space documentary, soaking up some rays at the beach, skating on my longboard or spending quality time with friends and family. 

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